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JSC Group is the House of Expertise of Management Consultancy, Education and Recruitment;

contributing to the evolutionary competitive advantage of Egypt economy through improving business performance while empowering and fulfilling people’s career growth and potential.


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JSC Vision

To be the most trusted and respected business partner of choice in management consultancy, training and recruitment services in Egypt.

JSC Mission

  • JSC’s number one priority is Customer satisfaction and repeat business, to deliver our services in the most efficient & convenient way possible, provide premium services, create a sustainable and healthy work environment for our team of knowledge experts and support professionals to thrive in, always have an up-to-date portfolio of products & tools, and continuously innovate to meet our Customers’ growing needs.
  • JSC will adopt the winning spirit to be Champions in our field, and Champions of our Values, fight to be the top name in our field for added-value and strive to maintain the passion behind what we do, and the belief in our mission.

JSC Core Values

  • Integrity: observing integrity in each and everything we do.
  • Community First: JSC Group is designed with PEOPLE FIRST in mind. We value our community of team, members and partners before anything else, and always strive to provide better customer experience, every day.
  • Relevance: striving every day to provide the business community with the most relevant and insightful up-to-date experience through continuous development of our portfolio
  • Shared Accountability: JSC Group team, members and partners are part of the organization as JSC'ians, We hold ourselves accountable to their personal and professional development
  • Diversity: we respect and cherish the diverse views of our multi-culture community

JSC Business Philosophy

Through our JSC Group model of Learn, Engage and Evolve, we commit to positively contributing to the evolutionary competitive advantage and prosperity of Egypt.

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