Gain a competitive advantage and achieve your company’s goals by tapping into JSC knowledge base, thought leadership, and global hands-on experience

JSC Consultancy is a team of business transformation experts with diverse industry experience and commitment to helping our customers achieve and fulfil their goals. JSC not only focuses on organizational business improvement but also ensuring results are sustainable. JSC team enjoys an extensive experience with diverse industries, simple and complex, large and small, by helping them improve and transform their business.

Engaging JSC team gives you a transformation journey and a business improvement program specifically engineered to suit the very core of your business. Focusing on working with you to achieve substantial results as quickly as possible, JSC team rolls up their sleeves, collaborates and works with our customers’ team on ground, focuses on “implementation”, and has a proven success with transformation programs based on implementation done with passion and dedication.

With solid experience in our customers’ business and industries, JSC team strives to deliver substantiated value to our customers from the very start in areas such as:

  • Cost savings and Cash flow improvement
  • Operation margins improvements
  • Increased sales and market share
  • increased return on assets

Through our Consul-Cation Methodology, JSC transfers knowledge and operations best practices through our mix of Consultancy and Education, as JSC believes that sustainable business transformation and improvement can only be achieved by our customers’ own people.

JSC Consul-Cation methodology uses globally recognized standards such as Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR) to reduce costs, release cash flow, improve efficiencies and ultimately help companies achieve an optimum ROI (Return-On-investment), by a unique approach in scoping, designing and implementing customized Business Systems and Technology Solutions. JSC possesses and assigns from a wide range of expert practitioners who collaborate and succeed to deliver world class business experience. Areas of business improvements may include:

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • S&OP (Sales and Operation Planning)
  • Demand management
  • Product management
  • Internal & External Sourcing and Procurement Transformation
  • Driving Business improvement
  • Leadership and Change Management

JSC employs a proven transformation and improvement program implementation road map and a winning change management methodology through the following phases:

  • Excitement & Focus: To lead and drive commitment for change
  • Development: building the team of champions and change agents via a series of business analysis and design workshops
  • Implementation: using JSC structured Program/Project/Change Management methodology, work closely with our customer to roll out the new practices and deliver on performance expectations
  • Monitoring and Sustaining: ensuring delivery of the program results and outcome

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